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Rice Village Area. Near I-69 (I-59) and Shepherd

Houston, TX 77098

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Tel: (720) 727-7098

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New Cohort Starts January



Private or group coaching based around your goals and your needs.  The coach works as a partner instead of just "telling" you what to do.



Participate in person,

via video conferencing or phone from anywhere... at work, school, home or at Ascent in person.


Online education on nutrition, fitness, health, stress reduction, time-managment, all-or nothing thinking or much more... all for free with your coaching!


Realistic goal-setting determined by yourself and your coach as a team.  Strategic to fit within your schedule, within your needs and around your obstacles.

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Book a phone call or video call

FREE   Up to 30mins

Let’s face it, if it was just about food and exercise, you would have already achieved your goal of a healthy lifestyle.  But it’s not just about food and exercise, it’s about environment, our mindset, our stress level, our support system, our own expectations, unrealistic goals, and all the demands of our daily life. 


Karyn’s holistic approach to Health & Nutrition Coaching looks at all aspects of your life.  We start with your life story and your goals and then we look at the aspects of your life that may be creating obstacles and difficulties that hinder your progress towards living a healthy life. Together, we create a partnership that helps you walk through and make headway on those elements that hold you back.  Her philosophy of Plant-Based Meals (whether you include meat or not) bring health into your life. Whether it be stress, your social life, your family, your work or feelings of guilt for putting yourself first, we can create a productive journey that is sustainable and is part of who you are and who you want to be. Lifestyle change is not an overnight fix, but with patience and hard work, it can become a permanent habit in your life.