It feels good to eat well (and be healthy)

Already know the nutrition and habits that you need to be healthy... but find you are stuck in moving forward?  We have all been there.  We get in a rut and can't figure out how to move forward, despite having sucessess in the past.  If you know what to do but just can't seem to do it, pure coaching might be more for you.

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Exploratory Meeting or Video Conference
What is Coaching? Want to see how it works?

Book a 30-minute in-person, video call or phone call where we explore what it is you are looking to achieve or resolve through the Health Coaching process.  We discuss your desires, your intended outcomes, and what is blocking you from getting what you want. We will talk about what the coaching process is like and go over any questions you may have about the coaching in general. This helps us determine if we are a good fit and can work together as a team to help you achieve your goals.  

Discovery Session
One 90-hour session or two 45-minute sessions

Probably the most important 90 minutes to the coaching process. Book a discovery session and we will go in depth about what is working for you, what is not, and a start a plan to move forward. We will go over every part of your life to see what may be inhibiting you from moving forward with a healthy lifestyle. Stress can be a major contributor to making change difficult, if not impossible. We will delve into how to deal with stressors that can be a road block to creating the life your want. We will determine how you perceive yourself in the world and how this may be used to harness your success.  A better understanding of your values and place in the world, helps you to focus on your goals.This is a team effort to make lasting change.  


This is not your usual nutrition counseling... this is real life & health coaching to get you where you need to be and give you the toolset for the rest of your life. Not only will the program be tailored around your lifestyle, it will help you to gain some insight on how to make it become a lifestyle instead of a goal.

Book today and get a quick start lifestyle change education course for free! (For non-discounted sessions only.  Not valid with any other discounts.)

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Coaching One-on-One
30, 60 & 90-Minute Coaching Session Available.

30, 60 and 90-minute are available either in-person or video conferencing through the computer or phone.  Most people are pretty busy so taking time off a commute can help you prioritize and make room for your coaching.