Want to Bring Wellness to Your Small Business?

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We can help you in many different areas:

  • Set up of online education in:

    • Nutrition

    • Fitness

    • Stress Reduction

    • Health & Wellness

    • Smoking Cessation

  • Set up the CDC's PreventT2 Diabetes Prevention Program; a scientifically proven program that helps stop the onset of diabetes which can cost thousands a year per person  

  • Workplace Lunch & Learns in the above topics

  • Live health and nutrition education at workplace

  • Set up of fitness classes at your facility

  • Health Fairs

  • Workplace "Challenges" and Promotion

  • Work with your insurance to set up a wellness plan according to their needs

  • HIPAA compliant online coaching for health,nutrition and wellness

  • One-on-one health/nutrition/wellness coaching

  • Group health/nutrition/wellness coaching at workplace

  • Consultation on how to set up an in-house wellness plan

What Wellness Services Brings to Your Company:

  • Reductions of health related medicines

  • Reduction in health risks & time lost from sick days

  • Reductions in company healthcare costs**

  • Increase of camaraderie at workplace

  • Stress reduction

  • Increase of workplace happiness

  • Increased productivity

**dependent on Healthcare provider and discounts they apply to workplace wellness