Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives with the help of Ascent

Journeys take time but are more meaningful and life changing.  

"When I found Ascent Fitness, I had a general goal of long term health. Karyn helped me establish measurable goals such as a weight loss. healthy eating,  and a workout plan. She managed to be considerate of my lifestyle and still hold me accountable by tracking my progress which helped me identify my obstacles and challenges. This entire process has allowed me to make a strategy that keeps me on track even with a busy schedule breaking big goals in to easy steps that can be integrated into my routine. This entire process has made me more confident and self-secure. A lifestyle change is a process, and I could not have done it without the encouragement and inspiration of Karyn. She has shown understanding and compassion and it has been a pleasure to work with her."

/// Marie W

"I first met Karyn when the company I worked for brought her in to promote a healthy lifestyle. This initially started out as group training classes but quickly advanced into personalized workout schedules. Karyn developed a personalized training schedule tailored for me which included workout routines and advice on what to eat to support a balanced lifestyle. She is a great motivator who is extremely knowledgeable on training and nutrition. Karyn’s ability to implement individual workouts for me had noticeable results and my overall health improved tremendously. She knew exactly how to push me to do one more even when I did not think I could. Karyn's impact on my life was tremendous and I cannot thank her enough. I highly recommend Karyn to anyone looking for a personal trainer. You will not be disappointed!!!"

/// Jerry D

"I had the pleasure to have had Karyn as a physical fitness trainer for a year and a half and with her guidance and nutritional knowledge I was able to lose 35 pounds and 4 waist sizes. I would recommend her to anyone."

/// Frederick R

"I hired Karyn as my personal trainer and had fantastic results. While under her care I lost 80lbs. Not only did I loose weight, but I became more toned as well. I enjoyed working with Karyn because she pushed me and had high expectations for me, yet made sure I always had good form and was exercising safely. She was professional, yet we formed a friendship along the way and she became someone I could confide in. Although we formed a good friendship, when it came to workouts, she always put my health first and helped me to focus on the work at hand. I learned a lot from Karyn that I have been able to take with me, now that she has moved, however I still wish I had her near to help me when I get in ruts. I would recommend Karen to anyone looking for a personal trainer!"

/// Sasha S