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Interal Barriers to Lifestyle Change

After more than a decade in the industry, Karyn has learned that learning the basics of health are not enough. Conventional nutrition counseling doesn't account for barriers or obstacles that normal people have in their life daily; all unique to each individual. Nor does it account for personal tastes, time, and commitment.


Coaching is a way of allowing the individual to determine themselves what their barriers are and help the person figure out a lasting way to overcome them and create new habits.  With the tools of coaching, basic nutrition education, and lifestyle education, the individual is ready to follow through successfully with the changes to habits that are needed to make a healthy life become a permanent.

A healthy lifestyle is a journey that can take you to your final goal!

About Karyn

Back in the early 2000s, Karyn lived overseas and became active in the expat community. When entering into her 30's, she found herself gaining weight very quickly.  After gaining enough weight to a tip the scale over  200 pounds, Karyn's knees started having problems and other health issues came to light.  Her doctor said that the weight was not helping her health.

Then one day, a friend showed her a picture of an event that they had attended a few months back.  She looked at the picture, pointed to a lady in the picture who was in the distance and asked who that lady was.   To her surprise, her friend said, "That's you!"  

It was the first time Karyn had really noticed how much weight she truly had gained and why her doctor was concerned.  At first, she tried different diets, different exercise routines and found it was a slow and tedious process.  There were low times... she had feelings of discouragement and frustration as she yo-yo'd in her weight and barely made progress. At points, she even felt hopeless.  She would find herself "all in" at times, and then fall off the wagon completely in between; totally destroying any progress she made.  

Being from a background in Microbiology, Karyn took it into her own hands and started looking up how to lose weight in safe and scientific ways.  Karyn was able to lose 70 pounds over a year and a half period.  During that time, she started taking Kickboxing lessons and was lucky enough to meet a coach that was amazing.  He helped her overcome her obstacles, change the way she thought about things and her outlook,  and helped her to plan her way to health.


Karyn was inspired by her journey and decided to go into health and fitness herself. She received a Master's in Human Nutrition from Eastern Michigan University.  Even with all that knowledge, Karyn still saw so many people struggle with yo-yoing weight.  Especially in older populations.


Almost two decades later, and after learning from her clients what works and doesn't, Karyn became a Board Certified Coach and  a Whole Person Certified Coach.  By taking a more holistic Whole Person approach, she started partnering with her students to find better lifestyle habit changes that were lasting and realistic.  By tackling what is really going on in your life that may be causing stress, poor sleeping patterns and other factors that greatly affect weight loss, Karyn saw better results with her clients... and lasting results.  Her clients felt better, lived better and learned that it is not an "All-or-Nothing" situation when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

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By using online tools, education and technology, one can start to understand the tenants of good nutrition and healthy lifestyle.  


Add the benefit of private coaching and you now have the tools to make better choices and create your own pathway to a happier and healthier life.


Karyn Snyder has an Masters in Human Nutrition from Eastern Michigan University, a BSc in Microbiology.  She is a Whole Person Certified Coach as well as a Board Certified Coach.  She is also currently in the process of earning her PCC credentials the International Coaching Federation.

She is a Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1 and an ACE Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer.